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Practical pieces of advice for businesspersons who intend to earn Money in the Internet. The analysis of the web site includes detailed pieces of advice and guidelines on what shall be changed in the code and content of your Internet site so that it would bring real profits.

Optimalization of the Web site is one of two decisive and necessary stages of effective positioning. Do you know that your web site may be positioned on the first site of results provided by Google and other browsers?

  • Currently, 90% of the Internet users looks for the information about products and services available by means of the Internet.
  • Over 80% of users take into consideration only the first two sites of results provided by the browser.
  • Web sites positioned as the first ones are considered to be more valuable and trustworthy.

Positioning is currently one of the most effective forms of advertisement in the Internet. The most considerable amount of clients is solicited through the browsers!

Having your web site position at the end of the list results in a real loss. Do you want your potential clients to visit web sites of your competitors? Do you want your clients to be dissatisfied with the operation of your web site?

Correctly conducted optimalization will:

  • Make your Web site display properly in all Internet browsers,
  • Reduce the size of your Web site, that is why it shall load quickly and effectively,
  • Make your web site available to persons using the Internet by means of transferable devices such as telephones.

Now your Web site every days shall gain you New clients and profits!

In order to receive a complete PDF report including all necessary data so that you could optimalize your Web site send an order.

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