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Polityka prywatności

What kind of data do we collect abort you?

  • Data collected during registration
    You have to log in so that you can use some functions of our system. You have to state your email address and state the password you will use on our web site in order to log in.

  • Data collected during the purchase
    Before you can purchase any goods on our Web site we will ask you to provide your name, family name, address of residence, telephone number and data concerning payment, as for instance credit card type, credit card number, credit card validity date, CVV number.

  • Data collected automatically
    During your visit on our web site, data concerning your visit is collected automatically, as for instance your IP address, name of the domain, type of browser, type of operating system, etc.

  • Data collected when you contact us
    You provide us with your personal data such as name, surname, email address, etc. when you contact us by the Internet site, telephone or email.

How do we use your data?

  • W żadnym wypadku nie będziemy sprzedawali danych zebranych o Tobie podmiotom trzecim.

  • Data collected during registration will be used only to enable you to log into our system. The registration is necessary in order to make purchase on our web site. Under no circumstances will we sell data about you to any third party.

  • Data collected during the purchase will be used in order to conclude the transaction, that is to collect money from you and sent to you goods ordered by you. For that purpose your data may be transferred to the company serving payment transactions in order to debit your credit card. That company shall not use those data for any other purpose. Providing that data is necessary if you want to make any purchase.

  • If you have subscribed our Newsletter, or in any other way you have expressed your intention to receive it, we will use your data for the purpose of sending our Newsletter to you. You will be asked whether or not you want to receive our Newsletter during registration.

  • Automatically collected data may be used for the purpose of conducting the analysis of our Web site visitor’s behaviors as well as collecting demographic data about our users or for the purpose of personalization of the content of our web sites. This data is collected automatically about every user.

  • Data collected during correspondence between you and our Web site will be used merely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.

  • In case of control of General Inspectorate of Personal Data Protection, your data may be revealed to officials of the Inspectorate under the act on personal data protection.

  • In case of breaching of the Regulation of our Web site, cases of violating the law, or if required by the provisions of law we may render your data available to the justice organs.

  • Subscription
    Every Internet user has the possibility to subscribe in the subscription system by providing their e-mail address to our data base. The e-mail address shall be used merely for the purpose of sending messages from web site.

  • Using "cookies"
    Our Internet site May use Cookies, the purpose of which is to identify your browser when you use our Web site so that we know which site to present to you. Cookies do not include any personal data.

How will we contact you?

  • If you hale purchased any goods you may receive from us mails concerning your transaction. We may also contact you by phone, if we have important information concerning your transaction.

  • If you have subscribed for our Newsletter, or you have expressed your intention to receive it in any other manner you will receive our Newsletter by e-mail.

How can you inform us about any change of data?

  • New data together with old data shall be submitted through our contact form.

How do we protect your personal data?

  • Communication between your computer and our server when we collect your personal data may be encrypted with the use of Secure Socket Layer. Additionally our data base is protected against the access of any third party.

Our policy concerning privacy.

  • We reserve the right to change the above mentioned privacy policy. New privacy policy shall be published on our web site.


  • Company collecting data: ENTERSO Sp. z o.o., Poland. In case of any additional questions concerning privacy protection please contact us with the use of a contact form inserted on our contact site.

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