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Positioning- two steps to success.

Positioning is long lasting process. Appearing on the first site of results usually takes from several weeks to three months. It is worth waiting however. The results of such a form of promotion will meet the expectations even of the most demanding. Positioning is currently the most effective form of advertisement in the Internet. The most considerable number of clients is solicited through the browsers! (source: report Morgan Stanley, 2008,

Proces pozycjonowania

Optimalization is a one-time process and does not cause any major problems. Our analysis of your Web site shall lead you step by step through that process. You will receive a full PDF report including detailed guidelines what shall be changed on your Web site in order to score higher in Google research results. Effects of optimization shall be visible already after several weeks.

Linking refers to collecting references leading to the positioned Web site. Manual cataloguing is troublesome, that is why we recommend Adder program. The system automatically and effectively promotes the web site. It is enough to configure the program once, and it will gain regularly and every day a huge number of links leading to your Web site. Additionally we recommend SemiAdder. His program is designer for semi automatic cataloguing, which enables quick and effective adding of entries to catalogues of other type than Adder, for instance protected by graphic tokens. Both systems complement each other.

Order the analysis of your Web site with the guidelines for optimalization now.

Premiere AdMailer 3 !
On the day of 12.12.2011 Enterso had proudly presented the newest product – mailing software AdMailer 3. This application is revolutionizing mass mailing sending, sparing time and money for it's users. We encourage you to check software's new functionality.
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