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The company. Creating innovative solutions we introduce our clients into the updated world of IT.


The company of Enterso Sp. z o.o. was established in 2006. Adder system for the Internet sites promotion was its first and main product in the years 2006-2008. Currently it is used by over 100 000 web sites.

The intention of Enterso is to help you develop your branch in an innovative manner, to outstrip the competence and facilitate activities conducted as inner activities of a company.

Our crucial purpose is to provide software facilitating everyday work of people. Our solutions are designed to automatize all works conducted on a daily basis in a company. Enterso products have been created for companies which want to appear in the Internet and for those which already exist there.

Properties of Enterso:

  • Innovative aspect of each product
  • Precision of manufacture
  • Dynamics of development
  • Passion and engagement
  • Theoretic knowledge supported by experience

Several thousand Clients have trusted us. Our clients are both small and medium sized companies, such as international corporations and joint-stock companies.

Unizeto Technologies S.A., Vobis S.A., Sp. z o.o., Hotel SENATOR S.A., Prestomax S.A., Coyote S.A., ACTION S.A., PKS-TOUR S.A., Platforma Mediowa Point Group S.A.,, BANK SPÓŁDZIELCZY W Siedlcach, Franet Sp. z o.o., Performance Media Sp. z o.o., Lefthand Sp. Z o.o., Fundacja Ars Nominem, Fundacja Euro Nation.

We invite you for cooperation.

Premiere AdMailer 3 !
On the day of 12.12.2011 Enterso had proudly presented the newest product – mailing software AdMailer 3. This application is revolutionizing mass mailing sending, sparing time and money for it's users. We encourage you to check software's new functionality.
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